Character design and illustration for Energy World Qatar. Client: Imagination London
Creating young, inspiring heroes 

Commission to design and illustrate 5 inspirational heroes for Energy World Qatar’s campaign and exhibition.

Each of the 5 characters represented a different aspect of energy production. They were given individual avatars / powers and each had their own unique colour scheme. The characters needed to represent both Qatari and western people. I had to pay special attention to traditional Qatari clothing and dress.

Each character had their own separate poster depicting them at work or play. At the Energy World exhibition children were invited to participate in interactive games and questionnaires, and from the results they were matched with one of the 5 heroes. 

Group illustration 

Sketch work

Line work

Coloured and rendered characters

Individual character illustrations

Adventurer - Initial sketch

Adventurer - Inked lines

Adventurer - full colour illustration 



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