The Shell Eco-Marathon
Shell Eco-marathon challenges student teams around the world to design, build, test and drive ultra-energy-efficient vehicles. All cars at the event have to pass a more than 100 point vehicle inspection, ensuring that the car is both safe, and legal to drive on the course.  I was commissioned by Imagination to help create an animated film to explain the technical process.   The Video is shown at all Shell Eco-Marathon events around the world, to both the students and members of the public attending the event. 
Creating the animation
In the film, the technical Inspection is explained through the story of two student teams. Whilst one team effortlessly sails through each of the inspection tests and heads straight to the track, the other struggles to pass a single one and is forced to return to the paddock. Each of the tests (and the safety implications of failing) are explained to us by a voice-over narrator.
I was commissioned to create the characters and illustrated scenes in an energetic and playful 2D illustrative style, adhering to a colour scheme set in the Shell brand guidelines.

Team one

Team two

Key Scenes
Now watch the final animated film
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