How it began
I had been sharing my art work on Instagram for a few years. 
I wanted to create a series of illustrations of comic book character in a unique and original style. Whilst working on some Batman comic pages I made 2 reference studies of his costume, a front view and a side view. I made separate Instagram posts of each view.
Previously, my art posts would receive between 100-400 likes.
This Batman side view generated over 2,500 likes.

125,000 likes. 1.2million reach
I posted another side profile drawing, of Wonder Woman. It generated over 2,800 likes.
I drew more side profile illustrations of popular DC and Marvel characters. With each post the number of likes increased. Numerous Instagram fan accounts started sharing my images . One account shared two of my Wonder Woman drawings - as one post on the day the Warner Brothers film was released. That post generated over 125,000 likes, and a reach of 1.2million

Likes on my profile peeked at 12,461 with this Spider-Man illustration.
Tom Holland the actor that plays Spider-Man in the MCU also liked this drawing. 

Community takes control
I went on to create over 30 different characters. Fan community accounts started making edits of my drawings, creating unique 'VS Battles'. Two different heroes, or even teams of heroes battling against each other, followers were asked to comment on who would win.
Viral Stage
Instagram cosplay artists re-created my side profile drawings and poses
I asked my followers to choose their favourite character out of these six. The top 3 would be made into stickers. This post generated over 25,000 likes and 458 follower comments
Based on the exciting response on Instagram, I created a set of stickers, prints and postcards and sold them at London Super Comic Con, online and also donated them as promotional items.

London Super Comic Con. August 2017

Stickers, prints and postcards

15,000 followers in 4 months
I gained 15,000 new Instagram followers in 4 months and received 226,664 likes in 2017
Here's the top 5 highest posts based on likes.
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