In conjunction with the new film, Google Play and Made with Code teamed up with Warner Brothers to create a new Wonder Woman themed-coding tutorial to give young women everywhere the superpower of coding. 
My role was Character designer for the game.
 Designing the main character sprites
The brief required me to design characters for the game directly based on the movie.
The game characters needed to look and feel just like their movie counterparts. Retaining their superhero characteristics, stances, movements and gestures as well as simplified versions of their complex costume designs 
Secondary Characters and Wonder Woman variations
Bringing the characters to life
Working closely with a 2D animator the we created sprite sheets for the game. The animator took my initial design and made a series of key frame drawings. I would then trace the final line art over the top and add the colour and shading. I also provided some art direction on Diana's movements and actions.
Complete sprite sheet for Diana
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